times & location

sunday morning

Sunday Morning Bible Classes          Clock  9:00 am


Bible   Prayer, a Historical and Practical Look (Alan Reed)  Auditorium

Bible   Buckle Up - Navigating Parenthood (Lance Leavens)  Family Center

Bible   Young Professionals, College Age (Chris Ball)  Family Center Room 117


Bible   Cradle Roll (Brenda J., Carolyn H., Christy S., Kellye S.) Room 115

Bible   2-3 years  (Julia & Justin Sammons) Room 114

Bible   4-5 years (Amy Freeman & Cheryl Denney) Room 111

Bible   K - 1st grade (Carla Mahle & Lauren Yates) Room 209

Bible   2 - 4 grade (Susan Sammons & Kristie Johnston) Room 211

Bible   Club 56 (Aaron & Ashley Trent) Room 212

Bible   Youth Group (Jon Arvin) Room 208

Sunday Morning Service                   Clock  10:00 am

Sunday Evening Service                    Clock  5:00 pm

wednesday night

Wednesday Night Bible Classes         Clock  7:00 pm


Bible   I and II Peter (Lance Leavens & Wes Arnold) Auditorium

Bible   Singing Class (David Morgan) Family Center


Bible   Pre-School (Lisa Killough & Chara Richterberg) Room 111

Bible   K - 4th grade (Laura Mize & Wanda Werner) Room 211

Bible   Club 56 (Susan Leavens & Cindy Kell) Room 212

Bible   Youth Group (Jon Arvin) Room 208