times & location

sunday morning

Sunday Morning Bible Class                     Clock  9:00 am


Bible   The Life of The Lamb in a Divided Land (Elders)Combined Auditorium Class


Bible   Cradle Roll (Brenda J., Bonnie W., Christy S., Kellye S.) Room 115

Bible   Pre-School Ages 2-3 (Amy Freeman & Cheryl Denney) Room 114

Bible  Pre-School Ages 4-5 (Gayla Bruner & Amber Garcia) Room 113

Bible   K - 1st grade (Ella Vonne West & Teresa Green) Room 209

Bible   2nd - 3rd grade (Travis & Rose King) Room 211

Bible  4th Grade (J.C. & Martha Fassino) Room 215

Bible   Club 56 (Aaron & Ashley Trent) Room 212

Bible   Youth Group (Joseph Cartwright) Room 208

Sunday Morning Worship Service            Clock  10:00 am

Sunday Evening Worship Service             Clock  5:00 pm

wednesday night

Wednesday Night Bible Class           Clock  7:00 pm


Bible   Turning the World Upside Down - A Study of Acts of the Apostles 

     (Dr. Bryan McAlister) - Auditorium



Bible   Combined Children's Classes for December - February (Pre-School - 6th Grade) -          CBT Area

Bible   Youth Group (Joseph Cartwright) - Room 208