times & location

sunday morning

Sunday Morning Bible Class                     Clock  9:00 am


Bible   King David's Life and Heart (Mike Green) - Auditorium

Bible  Practical Lessons from the Sermon on the Mount (Daryl Barker et al.) - Family Center

Bible   College & Young Professionals: A Study of the Gospels (Chris Ball & Alec Wimmer) - Family Center  


Bible   Cradle Roll (Brenda J., Bonnie W., Christy S., & Kellye S.) Room 115

Bible   Pre-School Ages 2-5 (Gayla Bruner & Sarah Hopkins) Room 114

Bible   K - 1st Grade (Kristie Johnston & Holly Dittmar) Room 209

Bible   2nd Grade (Ashlyn Freeman, Abby Baumgartner, & Ashley Trent) Room 211

Bible  3rd - 4th Grade (Susan Ellis & Morgan Freeman) Room 215

Bible   Club 56 (Emily Baker & Aaron Trent) Room 212

Bible   Youth Group (Joseph Cartwright) Room 208

Sunday Morning Worship Service            Clock  10:00 am

Sunday Evening Worship Service             Clock  5:00 pm

wednesday night

Wednesday Night Bible Class           Clock  7:00 pm


Bible   ACTing on HIS-Story: The Church in ACTION - A Study of Acts 9:31 (Various Teachers) - Auditorium



Bible   Cradle Roll (Megan Murphy & Connie Callahan)

Bible   Preschool Ages 2 - 5 (Lauren Bunger & Ashlyn Freeman)

Bible   K- 1st Grade (Ashley Trent & Veronica Garcia)

Bible   2nd - 4th Grade (Cindy Kell & Abby Baumgartner)

Bible   Club 56 (Wes Smith, J. Butler, & Kevin Murphy)

Bible   Youth Group (Joseph Cartwright) - Room 208