times & location

sunday morning

Sunday Morning Bible Classes          Clock  9:00 am


Bible   1st and 2nd Peter (Leland Willis)  Auditorium

Bible   Rightside-Up Living in an Upside-Down World (J. Mahle & P. Chandler)  Family Ctr

Bible   Ladies Bible Class (Various Teachers) Family Center 

Bible   College Age & Young Professionals (Chris Ball) Family Center


Bible   Cradle Roll (Brenda J., Carolyn H., Christy S., Kellye S.) Room 115

Bible   Preschool Ages 2-3 (Doug & Amy Freeman) Room 113

Bible   Preschool Ages 4-5 (Doug & Amy Freeman) Room 113

Bible   K - 1st grade (Kayla Gustin & Niki Arnold) Room 209

Bible   2 - 4 grade (JC & Martha Fassino) Room 211

Bible   Club 56 (Clay & Sara Selby) Room 212

Bible   Youth Group (Tommy Hill & Jay Fraley) Room 208

Sunday Morning Service                   Clock  10:00 am

Sunday Evening Service                    Clock  5:00 pm

wednesday night

Wednesday Night Grief Recovery Sessions        Clock  6:30 pm


Bible   Grief Recovery (Bill & Sherry Johnson) Conference Room

Wednesday Night Bible Classes         Clock  7:00 pm


Bible   Countering Satan's Tactics (Wes Arnold & Wes Smith) Auditorium

Bible   Our Rock and Our Fortress (Various Teachers) Family Center


Bible   Preschool (Lisa Killough & Valerie Fraley) Room 113

Bible   Kinder - 4th grade (Justin & Julia Sammons) Room 215

Bible   Club 56 (Danny & Laura Mize) Room 212

Bible   Youth Group Boys (Alec Wimmer) Youth Group Girls (Ashley Trent) Room 208